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Bongiovi Digital Power Station TM (DPS) is a patented audio processing algorithm that remasters audio in real time. Proprietary algorithm processing maximizes the acoustic performance of audio equipment. Incorporating it into various devices will bring new ideas to the sound system.

 Effects of Bongiovi DPS (Differentiation from others) 

1. Improved sound quality

・The harsh sound peculiar to the system is eliminated, and the sound quality is improved with crisp, clear, high-resolution sound for both musical tones and voices.
・By applying to small, low-grade acoustic systems, it is possible to achieve several levels of upgraded sound quality.
・Provides the best sound quality because it creates a unique profile for each playback system.

2.Cost and weight reduction

・By drawing out the potential of the sound system, the DPS can reduce the cost and weight of the sound system.

3.Versatility and user-friendliness

・Effective for all playback systems and sound processing, including low-end to high-end sound equipment and all kinds of surround sound processing.

・Reduces the volume difference between music and content, and realizes playback at a constant volume. It provides a digital solution to hearing loss problems by delivering clarity without sacrificing high volume levels to enable clear and satisfying sound at healthy volume levels . Read more about hearing loss on the rise among young Americans Here.



 The World of Bongiovi DPS 

Free design is realized because it does not depend on the structural design of the speaker. By combining with an actuator speaker, it is possible to transform various things into a high-quality speaker system .

For example, you can use furniture such as tables, beds, closets, ceilings and walls, lighting, home appliances, blackboards, paintings, exhibition panels, etc., or use conventional speakers (home theaters, disaster prevention wireless, election cars, car announcements, public announcements, etc.). , BARs, cafes, movie theaters, live houses, etc.) can improve the sound quality.

In addition, if this technology is used, various social problems such as hearing correction for people with hearing loss, clarification of speech in places where sound is difficult to reach, general-purpose audio, medical equipment, disaster prevention equipment, etc. may be resolved.

The only Bongiovi DPS certified technician in Japan (our partner Artistic Acoustics) can create the optimal sound for each individual, so we can meet the needs of all customers.


By installing it in existing equipment, the price is kept down and the sound quality is upgraded to 1st and 2nd ranks. (TV, small audio (bedside, kitchen, etc.), full-fledged audio, in-vehicle audio, headphones, etc..)



Realizes impactful sound effects through software for game consoles and mobile phones. (laptops, game consoles, mobile phones, etc..)


・Medical field

Acoustic correction for special applications such as sound effects in medical chambers, as well as correction for hearing loss and deterioration of hearing function due to age, is possible. Effective for home medical care and remote medical care. (Hearing aid, stethoscope, heart monitor, intercom, relaxation machine, etc..)


・Non-speaker (new proposal)

By combining with an actuator speaker, it is possible to transform various things into a high-quality speaker system. (Ceilings, easels, lighting fixtures, white goods, furniture, etc.)


pc_213942649 easel_375313339

*The above application is just an example and does not represent the actual product.
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 What is Bongiovi DPS?    

Bongiovi DPS is a patented audio processing algorithm that remasters audio in real time. It works by creating an audio signal optimized for the intended application. An optimized audio signal is easier to hear, easier to reproduce in an amplifier , and enhances the overall listening experience. In the US , Bongiovi DPS has been integrated into thousands of consumer devices and is now being used in medical applications as MDPS. 

A Bongiovi DPS profile contains over 120 algorithmic calibration point settings. This flexibility allows Bongiovi DPS to offer the following audio solutions:

  • speaker protection
  • dynamic range control
  • automatic volume control
  • 3D sound field enhancement
  • User tone control
  • Improved vocal clarity
  • bass boost
  • Enhanced soundstage
  • Ultra high frequency (air) enhancement
  • Compressed audio decompression (mp3, streaming, Bluetooth)
  • medical use

The ultimate audio processing solution

  • Improve the sound of headphones and earphones- Audio engineers at Bongiovi Acoustics have created profiles for many popular headphones and earphones. These profiles fix audio imperfections and improve overall sound quality.
  • Virtual Reality- Bongiovi has developed a new V3D positional audio solution to meet the needs of VR and gaming applications. V3D + DPS offers exceptional precision with balanced sound. Unlike other solutions that modify frequency response and sound effect impact, V3D+DPS adapts to incoming streams to maximize the experience of stereo and multi-channel surround sources.
  • Improve the sound of small speaker systems- Portable speakers, clock radios, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones all sacrifice audio quality for portability. Bongiovi DPS excels at creating audio signals optimized for small speakers. This means greater overall output, clarity in softer recordings, and better bass response thanks to the new and improved Virtual Subwoofer (VSUB) algorithmic component.
  • Improves the sound of large speaker systems such as home theaters, car audio, and PA systems . With sound, Bongiovi DPS can make a difference in sound quality.
  • Improve the sound of your TV or multimedia display- We all know that passages in movies can be very loud or very quiet. Bongiovi DPS can normalize the volume (DRC) of all multimedia content in a way that sounds natural and brings out details usually only heard in movie theaters. 
  • Automatic Sound Mixing/Mastering - Are you developing an app that blends multiple sounds? Even if you are an experienced sound engineer, the result of the music mixed in your app is less than ideal. Bongiovi DPS helps you automatically blend music, voice and other sounds with the push of a button.
  • Improve the sound of internet audio streams- Real-time internet audio can have inconsistent volume, content quality, and frequency response issues. The adaptive component of Bongiovi DPS makes it easy to deliver a consistent, high-quality listening experience to any audio stream.
  • Clarity in Noisy Environments- Need to hear audio in crowded or noisy environments? Bongiovi DPS was originally invented to provide high quality audio in the noisy environment of small private planes.

    Any other audio application you can think of- our staff will help you find an audio solution.


Bongiovi DPS is an algorithm packed with sound creation know-how and sound quality improvement technology possessed by Tony Bongiovi (*1) , a world-famous producer and recording engineer. It is a sound remastering technology with the same level of sound quality. Sold under license agreement.

(*1) Mr. Tony Bongiovi
is a world-famous producer and recording engineer who has been involved in the recording of numerous famous artists and has a track record of over 50 platinum and gold disc credits.
Uncle of John Bon Jovi, creator of the Bon Jovi band and designer of the Power Station studio.

(*2) Power Station Studio This
recording studio was built by Tony Bongiovi in ​​1977 and is one of the world's finest sound facilities.
Recorded by over 100 major artists.


  (*2) Power Station Studio

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 Features of Bongiovi DPS 


bongiovi styleout


Tony Bongiovi's experience and skills as a recording engineer, as well as his reverence for music producers, make this sound perfect from the perspective of a sound professional.

The unique combination of analog and digital that is created from "original digital sound signal processing technology" that matches the characteristics of human hearing and "manual analog sound quality adjustment technology" by limited engineers certified by Mr. Tony. It is a unique new sound processing technology .

Equalizer adjustment is very important in adjusting the sound quality of audio equipment. On the other hand, due to the improvement of music production technology, it is becoming difficult to amplify with an equalizer. For this reason, sound processing called a compressor, which has the effect of reducing the difference in sound intensity, has been attracting attention in recent years.

Bongiovi Style2_eng


The Bongiovi DPS has its own built-in compressor. This compressor not only works uniformly across all frequencies, but also achieves a volume control effect that follows the characteristics of human hearing. As a result, it is possible to achieve a wider headroom (the margin between the peak of the sound source and the maximum reproducible sound source) while maintaining high sound quality. Afterwards, the same volume is audibly heard.

It redefines the possibilities of audio by enabling fundamental sound quality adjustments of color and quality that are impossible with standard techniques. It is a very powerful audio processing algorithm that delivers the best listening experience through any audio device.


 Typical Recording 


Audio waveform of the song 'New York, New York'.

Note the bright blue core of the waveform surrounded by dark blue peaks. The light blue represents the average power of the audio and contains much of the information we perceive as loudness. The dark blue peaks can be much larger than the average power at any given moment. Amplifiers and speakers have to work very hard to reproduce all this information exactly as it is delivered.


 Bongiovi DPS Real Time Audio Re-Mastering™ 

 The Bongiovi DPS Real Time Audio Re-Mastering™ process reacts immediately to the incoming audio signal. Whatever the original content of the audio, Bongiovi DPS optimises the signal so that important sounds are kept at a constant volume without losing their emotional impact or causing unwanted artefacts.

This is "New York, New York" processed with Bongiovi DPS.

Notice how the lighter blues are very consistent while the darker blues are more controlled. It's easier to reproduce on speakers and headphones, and easier for us to hear. His DPS processed audio in this example will appear at the same volume to the listener . And all the space around the waveform is headroom. This headroom can be used to make sounds more audible in noisy environments and improve overall system efficiency.

This new waveform is created using a patented dynamic range process. The effect looks extreme, but is mostly transparent to the listener. This dynamic range processing allows for radical adjustments in sound quality that are not possible with standard techniques.


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 Applications of Bongiovi DPS 

There are many applications that can use Bongiovi DPS.

 Gaming, Virtual Reality  

DPS excels at enhancing speech intelligibility. Communication is the most important sound component in competitive games. Better voice clarity optimizes your gaming performance and wins.

 Earphones, Headphones 

The DPS sound protocol creates specialized audio for different media in the same product. This makes earbuds and headphones more flexible, allowing one product to meet all of a consumer's specific needs ( music, movies, games, conversations, etc.) .


Voices are processed using DPS Karaoke Studio algorithms to provide professional sounding rich vocal effects. These effects include different styles of reverb, echo, pitch shift, and more.

 Laptop (Computer)  

Bongiovi DPS includes the tools you need to turn your laptop speaker system into an outstanding audio experience, expanding the stereo field of small laptop speakers for a richer entertainment experience .

 TV, Sound Bar 

Core DPS is a powerful algorithm that enhances the audio capabilities of your speakers while providing many important features such as speech clarity, level smoothing, detail enhancement, and speaker protection.

 Small Speaker 

Bongiovi DPS enhances small speakers to deliver greater bass with greater portable experience.

 Mobile Device 

Created a system-level effects SDK for integration into mobile devices. This SDK contains the algorithms needed to optimize speakers for mobile devices.

 Streaming Service  

Real-time internet audio can have inconsistent volume and frequency issues. Bongiovi DPS has components that make it easy to provide a consistent, high-quality listening experience for any audio stream.


Bongiovi Aviation implements transducers instead of traditional speakers. The entire interior of the plane becomes his immersive 360-degree speaker for an efficient and beautiful audio system.


The automotive version of DPS also includes balance, separate front/rear instances, and advanced soundstage controls. All are designed to work in conjunction with DPS algorithms to enhance effectiveness.


The ultimate solution for excellent intelligible sound even in the marine field. DPS can process and adjust audio signals in real time for changing conditions such as high winds, engine noise, and water turbulence.


Core DPS *1 processes audio to overcome noisy environments on the playback side for a clear communication experience. Tests using the ANSI standard method of the Modified Rhyme Test and the STIPA Test (Modified Rhyme Testing) showed an average improvement of 50% in speech intelligibility.

*1: Core DPS is a signal flow designed to achieve maximum performance for any system. It was developed using the know-how cultivated at the top of the professional recording industry for 50 years. Core DPS excels at creating an optimized audio signal for small speakers. This results in greater overall output, clarity in softer recordings, and better bass response. Also, music and movie passages can sometimes be very strong or very weak, but Core DPS normalizes the volume (DRC) of all multimedia content to make it sound natural, something you would normally hear only in a movie theater. You can bring out the details you hear.

 Medical Care 

MDPS (Medical Digital Power Station) is the only FDA-registered audio processing solution. MDPS is available in a wide variety of products and platforms, making it a flexible and manageable solution for improving audio.

 Bongiovi DPS Achievements 

It has won several technical excellence awards. In addition, products equipped with this technology have been released in the United States, and it is a technology that is attracting a lot of attention around the world.




Click here for the page of "CLEAR 360 PRO", a headset equipped with Bongiovi DPS that allows you to communicate even in high noise while protecting your hearing

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Bongiovi DPS' MOVIES

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Bongiovi Aviation Installs a speakerless audio system on a Hawker 900 XP.

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Element Soundbar with Bongiovi DPS

To a sound bar (speaker).

Bongiovi Dealer Instructional Video

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Dealer description of Bongiovi DPS.

DPS Software for Gaming

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Gaming software.

Bluetooth 5.0 Adapte

Baseus & Bongiovi DPS 3D Stereo Bluetooth 5.0 Adapte

Comfortable with Bluetooth



Applied to digital stethoscope. This product is a registered trademark of Bongiovi Medical, USA.


 【Comments from Altex corp.】

The social issue of "hearing loss" has been attracting attention in recent years as we enter a super-aged society. Hearing loss is a problem that will become more and more common as people get older. Hearing problems will become a personal issue for everyone in the future. In this context, companies are tackling this issue with a variety of approaches.

By using Bongiovi DPS acoustic technology in cooperation with our partners, we are contributing to society by providing people with impaired hearing with sound quality that is high enough for them to enjoy not only 'voice' but also 'music', such as the ability to hear voices more easily.

In the world of entertainment (music, movies, stage, exhibitions, event parks, concerts, games, etc.), this sound technology can be added to existing environments to further improve sound quality.

The Bongiovi DPS project in Japan is a joint project with our partners Artistic Acoustics (sound quality correction technology), Alto Technology (commissioned design) and Altex Corporation (production and management). The three companies will work together to realise the customer's requirements.

The Bongiovi DPS is an excellent solution to the problem of "poor hearing" in your everyday life and fulfils your desire to "hear better sound". It is a technology with unknown possibilities.

Please feel free to tell us about your requirements. We are also happy to provide you with a demo.

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