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The Sound Innovation Team exhibited our products and solutions at the sub-SOUND&VISUAL FESTA mini, a broadcasting equipment preview held at the Okinawa RBC Ryukyu Broadcasting Center 4F Hall on January 17 and 18, 2024.
We introduced our products and solutions to many visitors.

Broadcast Equipment Exhibition 2024 in OKINAWA!

The symbol of Okinawa, Shuri Castle, is currently under reconstruction.

The venue is RBC Ryukyu Broadcasting, with a history of 70 years.

Renowned domestic broadcasting equipment manufacturers gathered together!

ALTEX Exhibit Products




Bongiovi DPS

● Cardboard speaker + Bongiovi DPS.
Outputs an amazing sound that is hard to believe it is coming from cardboard.


Visitor's Voices

"I was impressed by the clarity of the sound quality of the Bongiovi DPS."
"The balance between treble and bass was especially good."
"I didn't know it was possible to get such good sound out of cardboard."
"I was able to listen to music in a new dimension."



●Picture frame speakers (front row)

●A2 panel speakers (back row)

With Actuator + Bongiovi DPS,
Anything that vibrates becomes a clear sounding speaker.


Visitor's Voices

"I was amazed at the design and functionality of the actuator speakers."
"The picture frames and other items are great for interior design."
"The speaker-less sound output makes it useful for times when you don't want to show the presence of speakers."




This industrial headset was developed in the USA for hearing protection.
The headset is designed to protect the hearing of people who are constantly exposed to noise, such as those in the airline industry, factories, etc. Among its five modes, the Bongiovi DPS provides 360-degree sound pickup and easy interactive communication, making it useful in a wide variety of situations. The Bongiovi DPS is useful in a wide variety of situations. Of course, music can also be listened to in high quality. Samples are available for loan.


Visitor's Voices

"The explanation of the importance of hearing protection with examples from Europe and the U.S. was very informative."
"The product has a positive impact on SDGs initiatives and corporate CSR activities."



acoustic effect

Acoustic design is carried out considering frequencies from 20Hz to 90,000Hz to control the acoustic balance up to ultra-high frequency range.

These earphones are made in Japan, and allow you to experience the real high-resolution beyond.

(*Playback frequency range: 20Hz-20,000Hz)


Visitor's Voices

"The quality of the sound is excellent, down to the smallest detail."
"I listen to a lot of music, so I am very satisfied with the delicate sound expression that these earphones have."
"I would like to buy and listen to them for personal use."



(Upper left photo)

●Personal Speaker for TV

Please contact us for details.


Visitor's Voices

"The sound quality is good, so I can hear well even in a noisy kitchen."
"Compact and lightweight, so it will be easy to use for the elderly."


(Photo below)

●Sound Collector

A very well-received sound collector. Details.
The new prototype is equipped with a noise-canceling function.
It is even easier to hear.


Visitor's Voices

"This was my first time using a sound collector. I was surprised at the amplification of ambient noise."
"I could hear people's voices clearly."
"The new model has a noise-canceling function that made it much easier for me personally to hear."

Message from the Sound Innovation Team



At the Okinawa exhibition, we exhibited a wide range of products proposed by our sound innovation team, including the Bongiovi DPS solution, the Clear360 Pro headset, our partners' sound collectors, and high-end audio earphones.
We are confident that visitors will learn more about these products and their value by experiencing them firsthand.
Your feedback on our product lines is very valuable to us.
We will continue to take your feedback into consideration as we strive to provide even better products and services in the future.
Finally, we would like to thank everyone who came to the show, everyone in the audio and broadcasting industry who exhibited, and the organizer, RBC Vision!

Contact Us



We sincerely welcome your comments and suggestions.
Please feel free to contact us at any time for product development, purchasing, lending samples, or conducting demonstrations.

Contact: Ohno, Tanaka, Iimuro

Altex Corporation,
Sound Innovation Team
tel: 81-3-5497-5331




□Name: Broadcasting Equipment Preview Sub SOUND & VISUAL FESTA mini
□Dates: Wednesday, January 17 and Thursday, January 18, 2024
 January 17 (Wed.) 11:00-18:00, January 18 (Thu.) 10:00-17:00
□Venue: RBC Ryukyu Broadcasting Center 4F Hall Address: 2-3-14F, Kumoji, Naha City, Okinawa 900-0015, Japan
 TEL:81-98-864-2200 FAX:098-864-2201 RBC Vision Inc.
□Admission : Free
□Organizer:RBC Vision Inc.
□Contents:Exhibition of broadcasting equipment, stage equipment, professional sound and video equipment, and network equipment.
※No general admission



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